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face lift

How is a face lift done? What are the advantages of thread face lift? What are the disadvantages of thread face lift? How much is the price of face lift with thread? Since these questions are among the most common questions that arise among thread lift applicants, we intend to examine them; For this purpose, spend some time with us.

Taking care of the facial skin in order to maintain its beauty and health is one of the most common things done by women and men. In this field, various methods are used by beauty clinics, which are invasive, minimally invasive, and non-invasive.

Face lift with threads is one of the methods used in this field and is included in the group of minimally invasive methods.


For which parts of the face is a face lift performed?

Thread face lift is a method that is used to eliminate skin wrinkles and is performed with a short-term outpatient surgery. In this method, the specialist doctor uses special threads and uses them to smooth the skin and remove wrinkles.

In this method, not only skin wrinkles can be removed, but also any looseness or sagging of the skin can be removed.

Thread lift is possible for different parts of the face and applicants can do this procedure for the parts mentioned below:

Nose lift with thread:

Nose lift is performed with a thread in order to eliminate the drooping of the nose and the higher tip of the nose, which improves the appearance of the nose. For example: those who have a droopy nose tip are considered to be the best candidates for this procedure.

Eyebrow lift with thread:

Eyebrow lift with thread is also possible and its purpose is to increase the distance between the eye and eyebrow. In addition, this method is also used to remove drooping eyelids and has many effects on the face.

Temple lift with thread:

The two parts located above the ear are called the temple, and a thread lift is also done for this part. The temple lift with thread is one of the most common types of face lift that is widely used. The purpose of this work is to remove forehead wrinkles or make the eyes more elongated. Temple lift is very effective in the appearance of the eyes, and usually those who tend to have more elongated eyes do temple lift; Because with this, their eyes become more elongated and wrinkles and skin sagging in this area are eliminated.

Cheek lift with thread:

Increasing age or severe weight loss are among the factors that cause the cheeks to droop and become loose. This issue reduces the beauty of the face and has negative effects on the condition of the cheeks; For this reason, the cheek lift can be done with a thread so that the cheeks are firm and lifted and look better.


How is a face lift done?

In general, a thread lift is done in different stages, and for that, the doctor first examines the condition of the person to find out which parts of the face should be lifted.

Then he identifies the desired parts with marks on the face so that he can perform the thread face lift operation based on them.

Next, a local anesthetic is used for the applicant so that the person is relaxed and does not feel pain during the procedure. After that, special threads for face lift should be transferred under the skin through small holes created in the desired areas.

When the thread is inserted under the skin of the face, the doctor adjusts its angle and pulls the thread as much as necessary to move the skin and remove sagging skin. Finally, the skin is sutured in the exact and appropriate place and the threads remain under the skin of the face.

But in this regard, there is no need to worry or fear because these threads are absorbent and after some time they disappear automatically and are absorbed into the body. As a result, there will be no need to pull stitches or take out threads.

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