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What do you know about Botox? Do you know what Botox is? Do you know what Botox is used for? Do you know the therapeutic use of Botox? What do you know about the beauty application of Botox? When is the best age for Botox? What are the types of botox? What is the price of botox? In this article, we will review all these questions for you dear ones.

Medicine and beauty science has made great progress over time and huge changes have occurred in it; Today, in medical science, there are many different solutions to eliminate diseases or increase the beauty of the face and body, and Botox can be considered one of these substances. Because botox is currently used to treat diseases and increase beauty.


What is Botox?

Botox is actually an injectable drug that is injected into the desired part of the face or body under local anesthesia and injected into the muscles. In fact, this substance is a type of poison, which is called botulinum toxin, and its use causes temporary paralysis of the muscles of the body, in order to ultimately lead the doctor to the desired goal, because the temporary paralysis of some muscles of the face or body for a person They do not cause problems, but they solve part of the problems.

What is the use of Botox?

In general, Botox is used for two important purposes, which are: treatment and beauty, which we describe in the following sections.

Therapeutic use of Botox:

The therapeutic use of Botox is actually related to the elimination of severe migraine headaches. The use of this substance in the field of migraine relief has been very successful so far, and many people have gotten rid of their severe headaches with the help of this substance.

When Botox is injected into the forehead muscles and paralyzes them or disables them, the muscles lose their contraction, and because of this, severe migraine pains stop in people.

In addition to migraines, other treatments made possible by Botox include:

Reduction of sweating in different parts of the body
Removing painful scars and scars
Eye deviation treatment
Treatment of drooping eyelids
Treatment of jumping eyelids
Treatment of muscle spasms
Beauty application of Botox:

The beauty application of Botox is related to the removal of skin wrinkles in any part of the body and its lifting; But this case is not the only beauty application of Botox, but it is also used for other reasons such as the following:

The angle and shape of the lips
Changing the shape and model of the nose or raising the tip of the nose
Face projection
Eliminate frown lines
Eliminate fine lines created on the skin of the face


What are the types of Botox?

Botox is produced by different brands all over the world and various companies are active in this field; But since this substance is injected into the face and body and there will be a possibility of side effects, it is better to use reliable and suitable brands in various fields, some of the best types of Botox are the following brands:


It is necessary to explain that Dysport brand has more fame and fans among these brands.