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Fat Injection

Fat injection or transfer is a process in which fat is taken from one part of the body and transferred to another part of the body. The purpose of this is to improve the appearance of the target area.

In this method, the plastic surgeon first removes fat from the body by liposuction, prepares it for re-injection with a special process, and transfers it to the target area.

The popularity and prevalence of taking fat from the body and injecting it into another part started in the 1990s. Cosmetic doctors use this method to rejuvenate and beautify the chest, hands, feet, face, hips and vagina. Recently, doctors use this method to heal scars and even restore breast tissue after radiation therapy.


Fat injection process

1. Fat extraction

At this stage, the doctor first selects the extraction site according to the patient’s condition and wishes. The extraction site must have enough accumulated fat.

For this reason, the abdomen, hips and thighs are usually suitable options. Then the cosmetic doctor numbs the desired area and extracts the fat using special techniques. If the amount of fat required is greater than a certain limit, the doctor usually uses anesthesia to extract the fat.

2. Preparing fat for injection

Extracted fat is not suitable for injection and it is necessary to go through steps to prepare it. During these stages, fat is purified using a centrifuge or other methods, and dead cells and excess liquid are separated from it.

3. Fat injection to the desired area

In the last step, the doctor injects the desired amount of fat using special syringes into the desired area, which is completely numbed and sterilized. This work requires high skill and precision.


Common and suitable injection areas

Because fat is taken from the person’s own body, it is highly compatible and can be injected into most areas. Its choice depends on the conditions and wishes of the individual. In the following, we introduce common areas of the body that are suitable for fat injection.

Fat injection for slimming

Fat injection under the eyes and cheeks in the right amount (between 10 and 100 cc) is one of the most popular options for this cosmetic procedure. This works by adding volume to hollow or wrinkled areas such as the under-eye area, making it look younger and fresher.

Facial fat injection helps heal scars, gives volume to the cheeks and improves facial expression. For more information about facial fat injection, you can use our specialized article in this field.

Fat injection into the breast

The injection of a specific volume of fat (between 25 and 400 cc for each side) is used to increase the volume of the breast, make the breast symmetrical, and treat damaged tissues caused by radiation therapy and breast implants. Injections also help heal scars from breast removal or surgery.

Buttock fat injection

The injection of a certain amount of fat (between 100 and 300 cc for each side) is used to increase volume and shape the buttocks. It is also possible to inject fat to the side of the thigh and it is used to beautify the body.

Fat injection into the abdomen

In this method, which is also considered a form of body sculpting, the plastic surgeon extracts abdominal fat and injects it into the abdomen in a way that looks like six-pack muscles.

Fat injection into the hand

The skin of the hand becomes wrinkled with age and loses its freshness. Injecting some fat under the skin of the hand helps to make the hand look fuller and therefore younger.