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Face modeling

Facial modeling is actually facial shaping and rejuvenation, which corrects the angles of the face and establishes proportion in it with the help of various methods such as filler injection. Bone structure and face shape depend on genetics, a person may have a small chin from birth or even lose his face due to an accident.

Also, with age, fat, muscles and facial bones deteriorate, which makes a person think of finding a way to restore their beauty and youth.

Face modeling by removing defects and creating fit can be a good choice for those who are looking to improve their facial appearance. Contrary to popular belief, angularization does not only mean injecting gel into the jaw area, and to achieve the desired result, since the structure and face type of each person is different, it is recommended to first consult with an experienced doctor to check the wishes and Do the most suitable method for your needs.


Facial modeling methods

Fat Injection:

Fat injection is one of the popular and minimally invasive methods for shaping thin faces and is also used to correct receding chins and creates balance in the face.

In this method, the required fat is taken from some areas of the body, such as the abdomen, flanks, and thighs, and is injected into the desired points, which has a relatively long shelf life. Of course, fat is not recommended for all people; Because fat tissue is heavier than gel and it is used for faces that are very thin, and for faces that have a relatively more suitable texture, it may cause the face to droop or the cheeks to become bulky in an unnatural way.

Gel injection (filler):

This method, like fat injection, helps to rebuild depleted tissue and shape the face without causing complications and recovery period, and has a more natural and subtle result than fat injection.

Cosmetic Surgery:

If the asymmetry or large and small jaw or chin is too much, it is possible to use the surgical method for angulation of the face. This surgery is performed under complete anesthesia, and during it, by removing excess tissue or even implanting a prosthesis, it creates good shape and creates harmony in the face.


What are the cares after facial modeling?

In order to benefit from the best results from this cosmetic procedure, it is necessary to carry out the post-operative care correctly in order to get the best results from it. Basically, to relieve the pain and bruising of the face, it is recommended to do the following recommendations completely.

Using an ice compress in the desired area for two days
Sleeping on the back without pressure for at least 48 hours
Absence of vigorous physical activity for 2 to 3 weeks
In case of pain, use prescribed antibiotics and painkillers