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Eyebrow transplantation

Until now, methods such as tattooing or microblading have been used to restore lost eyebrows, which caused an unnatural appearance in people and had other disadvantages, but today a new method has been created to restore eyebrows. It is called eyebrow transplant.
In general, eyebrow transplant is like the hair transplant method and it has all the steps in hair transplant, even in the technique of eyebrow transplantation, the types of methods that exist for eyebrow transplant are the same as the types of hair transplant methods.


Steps of eyebrow implantation

In response to the question, how is eyebrow transplant? We have explained the planting steps in summary mode:

1) Consultation before eyebrow implantation
The first stage of consultation is examination and examination of the patient’s condition and the cause of eyebrow loss, the result of this session leads to the method of implantation and the final model of the eyebrow.

2) Eyebrow design
At this stage, with the opinion of the person and consultation with the doctor, the desired model is designed that suits the person’s face.

3) Apply anesthesia
At this stage, the doctor anesthetizes the person using anesthesia or anesthesia and prepares to remove the hair follicles from the donor area (beside the ear) to the eyebrow.

4) Graft harvesting and preparation
At this stage, depending on the type of surgery, the medical team either separates a complete strip from the skin near the ear or uses a punch to separate the hair near the ear.

This number of grafts is different according to the thickness of the individual’s eyebrows.

5) planting
The doctor carefully places each donor graft in the eyebrow according to the correct angle, and the implantation is done.

6) View the final result
After the implantation, the person is discharged and there may be redness and swelling in the eyebrow area for a few days, which is normal, and the wounds will heal after a few days.

The implanted grafts will fall after a few days, but after a few months they will start to grow and the final result will be visible after 3-4 months.


Types of eyebrow transplant methods

Eyebrow transplant, like hair transplant, is done with different methods, which are as follows:

1) Fut eyebrow implant
Fut, which is also used for hair transplantation, is one of the oldest transplant methods in which a thin layer of scalp is removed from the hair bank to extract hair follicles from it.

Then the hair grafts are removed from the skin layer and transplanted in the desired areas of the eyebrows. Using this method causes scarring.

2) Fue eyebrow implant
The fue method has better conditions compared to fut because in this method there is no need to remove the skin layer from the head, but a device called a punch is used for it, and this device makes it easier to harvest and plant hair grafts.

3) sut eyebrow implant
Eyebrow transplant with sut method is the newest method that is used and has many advantages because there is no need to cause an injury to the head and eyebrow density can be done up to 14,000 hair grafts.