کلنیک زیبایی پرنیان نو

double chin

Meanwhile, liposuction surgery or liposuction is offered as one of the important services to people with liposuction. Since the beauty of the appearance is very important for all human beings, the applicants use this treatment method to have a beautiful and attractive face and appearance considering the cost of facelift surgery. Of course, many people are not familiar with liposuction and the side effects of liposuction surgery, and after performing this cosmetic procedure, they become aware of its advantages and disadvantages. Therefore, we intend to continue to investigate the complications of gynecological surgery and its benefits.


What is Chin surgery?

In general, fat and excess skin between the neck and chin is called ghabghab. This fat and skin is usually loose and hanging and gives a bad effect to the face and appearance. In this regard, some surgeries are performed in the form of liposuction and fat removal, which is called ghab surgery. Performing this cosmetic procedure is also different according to the age, weight, type and size of the mole, and before performing the procedure, all these cases are examined by dermatologists and beauty doctors. So that based on the existing conditions, the best method of removing snoring is implemented and we don’t see possible complications and abnormalities.
Many researches and studies have been carried out regarding the causes of snoring and it has been found that this abnormality has various reasons. Some of the main and most important reasons for the development of snoring are as follows:

age increasing

Usually, with age, the structure of the skin changes and becomes elastic. In such a way that it is formed by reducing the volume of the skin in the neck area. In this regard, various creams and ointments are produced and used to protect the skin. But the main way to remove this skin abnormality is simply liposuction.

Lifestyle and weight

Although weight is not always the main cause of neck pain, women and men who are overweight are at risk of developing neck pain. Of course, this problem usually occurs to people who use an unhealthy diet such as calories and unhealthy fats. Therefore, in order to avoid the side effects of gastric bypass surgery, you should control your weight. So that if you have a pimple, its amount is small and you don’t need surgery or liposuction.

Genetics and heredity

Genes and heredity are one of the other reasons for causing snoring. In such a way that the severity of the need is determined based on genetics and heredity, and many doctors, considering this announcement, perform stoma surgery. It is worth noting that the cost of groin surgery is also affected by this important factor in some cases.


How is chin surgery performed?

In order to get to know the side effects of chin surgery, you must also have information about performing this cosmetic procedure. In order to reduce the costs of performing this operation, reduce its complications to the minimum possible level. In addition to chin surgery, we should also say that this procedure is used to remove excess fat in the jaw and face area. So that by completely draining the fats in these areas, the loosening of the skin and the wrinkles caused by it will be completely removed. In this method, the esthetician removes the laxity of the skin by lifting the neck and pulling the skin.

Chin surgery methods

There are two chin liposuction and mini-lift methods related to chin treatment. In this way, doctors first check the person’s age, the type and amount of Chin, the patient’s needs, etc. and implement the best and most suitable method based on the existing conditions. Since each of these methods has its own conditions, features and advantages, we will describe and review them in this section.

1- Chin surgery by liposuction method

This series of chin treatments is known among plastic surgeons as an invasive procedure. Considering that the side effects of chin surgery with liposuction are relatively less and it is often used between the age group of 20 to 50 years. In this way. The quality of the skin and its state of elasticity are very important, and the better the skin structure, the better the quality of the Chin liposuction method. But on the other hand, with the increase in age and the decrease in skin quality, Chin surgery will also be affected and you will see the side effects of Chin surgery. Therefore, if you intend to use this method, be sure to consider all aspects and proceed to Chin liposuction while considering all points.

2- Chin surgery by mini-lift method

If you are disappointed with all chin treatment methods, mini lift treatment will be the best option. Because this method is useful for old age and inappropriate skin conditions and has a favorable effect to reduce Chin and treat it. . In this type of chin treatment, thin and delicate incisions are made in different parts of the jaw and circulation. After that, the excess skin in this area is cut and finally, by pulling the layers of skin and remaining fat, the chin is completely removed. It is suggested to read the post-lipomatic diet article.