Dr. Ala beauty clinic

about us

Dr. Ala’s beauty clinic has been operating since 2006 in the heart of Tehran and focuses on specialized hair transplants in the areas of the head, face, beard and mustache and beauty injections. The doctor’s personal interest in natural eyebrow transplantation led him to launch a special and specialized line of eyebrow transplantation, even when a specialist clinic did not have enough experience in this field. With a lot of effort, follow-up study, and using various techniques, he started a unique activity by working on loved ones who suffered chemical burns on the face and people who were victims of acid attacks. These efforts led to the invention of the exclusive method of personal eyebrow implantation, and by 2015, a large number of assistants and members of the treatment and training staff at the Amuishovon Academy were obtained and are now working in various clinics.

Since 2018, Dr. Ala’s clinic has been registered with the Ministry of Health and Honorable Vice-Chancellor under the name of New Prenian Skin and Beauty Clinic, and has received the official license for the specialized lines of eyelid surgery, blepharoplasty, fat injection, liposuction, facial contouring, and various parts of the laser. . This clinic is active along with female beauty injections, bikini rejuvenation, fat and gel injections in the bikini area of women, titling, and women’s beauty. Since 1400, with the addition of specialized and specialized teams with the presence of experts and experienced plastic surgeons, cosmetic consultations in the field of liposuction, idominoplasty, breast prosthesis, buttock prosthesis, and other cosmetic surgeries have been performed in his specialized clinic.